The Adventist Ordination Crisis – Book

The Adventist Ordination Crisis: Biblical Authority or Cultural Conformity
The Adventist Ordination Crisis

This book is the result of a careful two-year collaborative
study of numerous Seventh-day Adventist leaders,
including concerned pastors, university professors,
conference administrators, physicians, teachers, and lay leaders—men
and women alike—from around the world. Each
felt the message was so important that each was willing to
waive royalties in the interest of seeing this work distributed
as far and wide as possible.
The “featured contributors” listed below constitute only
a portion of those who contributed to this book. Some requested
to not be named due to their positions in conferences,
divisions, and unions in which the topic is most hotly
God bless each writer, editor, and consultant for the thousands
of combined hours they invested in the cause of disseminating
these truths.
Featured contributors, listed alphabetically:
Doug Batchelor, Stephen Bohr, Allen Davis, Laurel
Damsteegt, Jay Gallimore, Michael Hasel, C. Raymond
Holmes, Jim Howard, Wayne Kablanow, Larry
Kirkpatrick, Daniel Knapp Sr., Kent Knight, Mike
Lambert, Junie Lawson, Don Mackintosh, Carissa
McSherry, Phil Mills, Kevin Paulson, John Peters,
Eugene Prewitt, David Read, Edwin Reynolds, Alvaro
Sauza, Ingo Sorke, Mario Veloso


  • A Note from the Publishers
  • Foreword
  • Introduction
  • Hermeneutics: How Adventists Study the Bible
  • The Ordination Study
  • Section 1: Ordination Basics
  • Section 2: Spiritual Gifts vs Church Offices with Qualifications
  • Section 3: Biblical Qualifications for Elder and Bishop/Overseer
  • Section 4: Ellen White’s Example
  • Section 5: Divine Gender Role Differences
  • Section 6: The Headship Principle
  • Section 7: What Ellen White Taught About Gender Roles
  • Section 8: The Ordination Question in Today’s Adventist Church
  • Section 9: Female Ordination — Culture and Consequences
  • Section 10: The Way Forward

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